Co'creating between active living beings

2022-2025 – Becoming a dynamic Perfumer
A focused training as a way of having a more concrete language space from which to learn, share and work from the multisensory aesthetics perspective
2021-2022–Co'llective-Nomad Curator and Self-Researcher
–// AI on Stage [Research and Performatic Project]
–// Olfactory Curator at Irradia Sonora [Multisensorial collective experience]
–// Searching spaces and projects where to share, learn and Co'Create through a responsible-sustainable perspective that takes into account the new paradigm in which we live
2021–Co'llective-Curator and Self-Researcher
–// Exploring Food Futures by Reviewing food cosmogonies, Activating symbolic recipes, Fermenting and Creating rituals Collectively
–// Training and Research about Scent Language
–// Research about Alternative Education
–// ECHJewelry Brand
–// Talks [Tokyo-Barcelona]